Business Development Services

Benchmarking the Performance of Business Development Services (Updated September 2016)

This guide illustrates a step-by-step process that organizations providing business development services can use to generate benchmarking data related to these services on the microTracker site, and through consulting services with microTracker staff.

Funding Business Development Services
This brief publication offers strategies and practices for mobilizing funding for microenterprise training services. It shares insights on how large-scale training organizations pursue resource mobilization and cost recovery to sustain delivery of services over the long term.

State of Business Development Services (May 2012)
Documents the scale and scope of business development services work by U.S. MDOs as of 2010. It draws on data collected in both the 2010 and 2008 U.S. Microenterprise Censuses to describe the characteristics of this work and how it has changed over the last two years. It also examines the characteristics of large-scale programs and includes several case profiles.

Using a Brands Strategy for Scaling Business Development Services 
FIELD’s case study of a brands strategy employed on behalf of both producer and retailer entrepreneurs examines Southeastern Ohio’s ACEnet and its experience creating three brands in the food and arts sectors.

Client Outcomes

Increase your Client Outcomes IQ (Updated September 2016)
Do you want or need data on microenterprise client outcomes? This guide provides detailed guidance on how to use microTracker’s online Client Outcomes data to answer frequently asked questions such as: Do businesses assisted by microenterprise organizations grow, survive, and create jobs? Are business owners better off? The guide is designed as a useful tool for microenterprise practitioners who want to use client outcomes data to raise funds, improve program services, and set organizational goals.

Client Outcomes Highlights, 2014 (April 2016)
Each year FIELD’s Client Outcomes process works with microenterprise organizations to collect data on clients served. The findings in this brief are draw from interviews with 1,086 microenterprise clients from 19 participating microenterprise development organizations (MDOs). Clients reported on their businesses and households in 2014 indicating strong start and survival rates, increased revenues and net new jobs. The report also includes a cost benefit analysis relating clients’ accomplishments to the program’s cost of assisting entrepreneurs.

Advocacy & Policy

The Role of Microbusinesses in the Economy

Microenterprise As A Welfare To Work Strategy: Two-Year Findings